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“Sara spoke at our corporate event towards the end of 2015. The passion and the dedication that came from her story not only moved our salesforce, but we saw productivity go up by over 25% throughout the rest of the fiscal year. Her personal, moral, and spiritual journey can apply to any group of individuals and any organization looking to be inspired, motivated, or looking for a new direction in both their personal life and their professional life. To think that somebody went through this, survived it, and now we are all able to benefit from her words is a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of.”

Alex Duquette, District Manager, Farmers Insurance Group

“Sara did an excellent job talking about both the Nepali girls organization and her own personal story.  Our entire company was inspired by her commitment and passion to help those less fortunate and to push yourself beyond your limits.  I heard several employees comment that she was our favorite speaker thus far.”

Shawn Plaster, CEO, Plaster Group

“Sara Safari is a “Distinguished Toastmaster”, the highest distinction awarded to a Toastmasters member. Sara is an exceptionally inspirational speaker with a wealth of experience and a deep passion to make a positive lasting impact on the lives of others.  She has a genuine love for the needy and the persistence and commitment to make a difference.”

Harry Yan, DTM, District Governor 2013-2014
“A few days after establishing the Icelandic league of Empower Nepali Girls we were so lucky as to have Sara Safari over for a visit to give a talk at our first fundraising event. We had a full house in Reykjavik University but listening to Sara telling her story I felt like it was just the two of us in the room. She got my undivided attention. Somehow she managed to play on the whole emotional scale and I was empowered, inspired, sad, and proud. It is safe to say that not one single person in the room was left unmoved.”
Guðrún Harpa Bjarnadóttir, Manager, PWC

“…Sara spoke to our group in December of 2016.  Her story is captivating and her presentation keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.  It’s so inspirational that you are forced to quickly assess what you’re capable of and try to figure out, as Sara says, how to “Climb your Everest” in life.  All of our team members really enjoyed her presentation and everyone left with a book.  This was an awesome experience that leaves me shaking my head to this day!”

Paul Moehring, District Manager, Farmers Insurance Group

“Sara’s story is compelling and inspiring.  It is enhanced by her ability as a storyteller to convey the joy and heartbreak of her journey. Sara is an exceptional speaker that makes her story come alive for her audience. I would recommend her highly to business leaders, schools, and community groups. Sara leaves the audience with the desire to become engaged in the world.”

Lori Hofmann, Executive and Transition Coach, Expedia