Future Events:

Sep 13th Caspian Restaurant Irvine

Oct 25th Tustin REI 

Nov 29th Huntington Beach REI


June 14th New York REI

July 29th Indianapolis Garfield Park Arts Center

July 30th Duke University, Durham, NC

July 31st Chicago REI

August 1st Washington DC

August 2nd Bailey’s crossroads, Virginia

March 6th University of Reykajavik

March 11th UC Davis Alumni Center

March 12th San Francisco Coffee Bar Bodega

March 21st REI Phoenix

March 30th REI Seattle


Past Events:

September 20th Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

September 25th Human Trafficking Event in Newport Beach

September 29th Westwood Book Corp.

October 2nd. Bodhi Leaf Coffee in Orange

October 6th Rotary club at Long Beach

October 30th Women Leadership Conference in Irvine

November 2nd REI San Fransisco

November 3rd Pars Equality Center in San Jos

June 23rd at Huntington Beach

July 13th at Rancho Cucamonga

August 2nd at Portland, Oregon

August 18th at Mountain View


Date: July 19, 2015 | Time: 6-10 PM | Address: Velo Rouge Cafe, 798 Arguello Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94118

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Last year I was climbing Mt. Everest to raise funds and awareness for the education of the girls in Nepal who might become victims of human trafficking or be forced into early marriage. The climb got cancelled due to the a 7.9 earthquake and all the damages to Sherpas’ houses.

We are having a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquakes who lost their houses and our girls who lost their schools. We are planning to build back their homes and schools. If you would like to join us to help them, please invite your friends and family to this fundraiser in San Francisco. If you can’t attend the event and you are interested to support our cause, please visit our website

Looking forward to seeing you,

Sara Safari

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